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  Relationship support

Whether you are a couple or an individual, married or in a partnership, separated, divorced or divorcing. Whether you are straight or gay, whatever your age, race or social background Relate counselling can help you address your relationship issues.

We work with lots of problems such as affairs, communication issues, unsatisfying sex lives, getting used to step-families, balancing work and home, depression and money worries.

If your partner doesn’t want to join you, there are lots of things counselling can help you sort out on your own. There may be changes you can make alone that will have a positive impact on your relationship. Some people also prefer to have counselling on their own at first to work out their feelings before seeing another counsellor together.

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Good Reasons for considering relationship counselling:

On your own

  • “My relationship has ended but I have not been able to move on.”
  • “I never seem to be able to stay in a loving relationship.”
  • “I am afraid of always being on my own.”
  • “My partner has left and I can’t stop crying.”
  • “I don’t understand why I always end up in abusive relationships.”
  • “I have a sexual problem that stops me having a close relationship."
  • "I looked after my partner for years and now I am alone and feel empty."
  • "Now that I have retired, I feel isolated and depressed."
  • "My partner thinks there is nothing wrong and I am so unhappy."

As a couple

  • “We seem to be arguing all the time and  nothing gets resolved—we go round and round in circles
  • “We don’t talk—sometimes I wonder if there is anything to say.”
  • “We are so unhappy and I can’t remember when it was any different.”
  • “My partner has had an affair  and I can’t get passed it.”
  • “We have had to cope with so much—my cancer, financial problems, the death of my father, a house that is a building site—now we just sit in front of the TV and say nothing."
  • “I worry that the children never see us being kind to each other.”
  • “I don’t trust my partner.”
  • “We have decided to separate but can’t find the way forward.”
  • “Since we retired we have lost our way and now the future feels like a sad empty space."
  • “My partner seems depressed and we live under a dark cloud of negativity."

Contacting Relate is the first step towards change


Proud 2 Connect
PROUD 2 CONNECT is a service provided by Relate in partnership with Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard. The service provides relationship counselling to LGBT people, delivered by Relate counsellors who identify as LGBT, and have been specifically selected for this project.
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